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A South Carolina native whose childhood took him from Pittsburgh to Portugal and then to Greece where he spent most of his adolescence, Cosmas Bisticas was influenced by successions of large family feasts, seasonal produce fresh from the local street markets of Athens and of course, his mother’s cooking. In fact, it was at his mother’s side that Cosmas began his lifelong apprenticeship to understand the simplicity of Greek cuisine, which was and remains deeply rooted in the freshness and quality of the ingredients. lthough in his initial walk of life cooking remained a passionate hobby and not a profession, the quest for knowledge relating to food was a never-ending journey. Travel, experimentation and life’s twists and turns eventually led him to turn his passion into his profession.


Cosmas attended the Art Institute of Colorado Culinary Arts program, and has since traveled extensively working in restaurants from Denver Colorado to Melbourne Australia. He eventually returned to Greece where the culinary scene had changed dramatically in his absence.


Cosmas recently arrived in New York following his participation on the Greek version of “Top Chef” He brings with him a style of Greek cooking that is focused on Greek seasonal ingredients and has many elements that are rooted in ancient Greek cuisine



Cosmas BisticasCosmas Bisticas


"Since I arrived in New York I’ve seen many Greek restaurants claiming to serve “authentic” Greek cuisine and I just wonder… what exactly is that?

Greece has an ancient culinary tradition dating back several millennia, and over the centuries Greek cuisine has evolved immensely. To me what makes Greek food authentic is the ingredients I choose ingredients that are indigenous to Greece and those that have become essential in modern day Greek cooking. I draw inspiration from the ancient Greeks who gave us a wonderful foundation to build on and do not overlook the less known regional flavors, ingredients and techniques. My focus is to bring all of this together in an appealing and elegant way that says that my food is unmistakeably Greek!